Mountain Gorilla
February 13, 2016
Dwarf Galago
February 12, 2016
Scientific name:
Otolemur crassicaudatus
Largest of the galagos, with large ears and eyes, dense and soft fur varying in colour from grey to grey - brown to almost black. Tail is long haired and bushy. On the ground rather cat - like, rump higher than shoulders and tail often held erect.
Preference for dense, dry woodland and riverline forest, montane forests up to 3500 metres above the sea level. Frequently in orchards, plantations and large, wooded gardens.
Nocturnal, spending daylight hours in dense vegetation or self constructed leaf nests. Although they live in groups of 2 - 6 individuals, they forage alone and male sleep apart from females and offspring. Each group lives in a fixed and scent - demarcated home range. Spend more time foraging on ground than other galagos.
Mainly wild fruits and tree resin especially acacia, but also insects, other invertebrates, occasionally reptiles and birds.
Usually 2 youngs rarely triplets, each waighing 50 - 70 g, born after 130 days gestation. Young are dropped just before start of rainy season.
14 years in captivity.