Dwarf Galago
February 12, 2016
Smoothhead Catfish
January 27, 2016
Scientific name:
Galago senegalensis
Small size, long, well haired tail, and distintive, large, dark ringed eyes. Ears are large, rounded and thin. Coat fine, woolly and grey to grey - brown in colour. White under the chin, whith pale underparts sometimes tinged orange - brown.
Occurs in woodland savanna, especially where acacia trees are present. Penetrates into more open areas along wooded river courses.
Nocturnal, mainly arboreal and living in family groups of 2 - 8 individuals. During the day groups sleep together in the leaf nests or tree holes, at night forage alone, although keeping contact with chattering calls. Each group defends a territory of about 3 ha and mark territory by urinating on underside of hands and feet.
Tree resin, some wild fruits, insects, other invertebrates and occasionally small birds and lizards. Type of food can vary from season to season.
They reproduce 1 - 2 well developed young, weighing 9 - 12 g, born after 120 days gestation. Birth seasonal.
14 years in captivity.