Lake Victoria Sardine
August 27, 2016
Nile puffer
August 26, 2016
Scientific name:
Labeobarbus altianalis
Mouth sub terminal and shaped like a horseshoe, lips well developed and rubbery. Anterio Barbels short, reach mid point of eye, posterior barbel longer, may reach operculum. Nuchal hump present. Body depth equal or slightly greater than head length. Lateral line curves close to belly. Body dark green on back and silver on belly. Anal and pelvic fins bright red, brown or colourless. Scales Parallel striated.
Inhabits inshore water and and rivers. Prefers Sand and gravel substrates. Juveniles limited to rivers, often in shoals. Adults migrate upstream to spawn during rain season.
Feed On molluscs, insect larvae, fish, crustaceans and submerged plants.