Cocktail acacia ants
August 14, 2016
Grevy’s Zebra
July 16, 2016
Scientific name:
Equus burchellii
Stocky and pony like with black and white stripes that extend to underparts ; East African races lack shadow stripes typically seen in Southern African races. Mane stand s erect, extending from top of head to the shoulders. Tail short haired near base ; longer haired towards tip. Ears quite short.
Open woodland and grassland savanna, from coastal plain up to high altitude grassland.
Led by stallion, run in small family herds usually numbering 4 to 6 mares and their foals. Although much larger herds regularly seen, they stay together for only a short period and units retain their intergrity. Stallions without mares join together in bachelor run alone. Frequently mix with other herding species such as blue wildbeest, topi and gazelles. Access to water essential, as they need to drink every day. Heavily preyed on in some areas by lions, spotted hyaenas and wild dogs.
Grazes; browse rarely.
Single foal weighing 30 - 35 kgs born after 375 days gestation. Foaling coincides with onset of rainy season when there is abundant green grass.
20 years, 40 years in captivity.