Grey – cheeked Mangabey
February 17, 2016
Red – tailed Guenon
February 17, 2016
Scientific name:
Erythrocebus patas
Distinctive long legs, slender body, greyhound - like appearance, largely terrestrial lifestyle. Underparts brick red to yellowish - orange, underparts pale greyish - white. Grey grizzle hair on upperparts of arms. White moustache contrasts with usually darker face. Male larger, with blue scrotum.
Dry savanna especially with acacia and rocky areas, dence cover
Sleep on trees but spend most of their time on the ground. The fastest of all primites, have been recorde at speeds of 55 kph. Troop usually made up of females, young and one dominant adult male with solitary male quite coomon. Size of troop in East Africa ranges from 5 - 35. Females defend territorial ranges against incursions by other individuals and troops. Male are very vigilant and frequently stand on hind legs or on raised ground seeking out predators and other males.
Fruits, seeds, leaves also insects, lizards and eegs of ground - nesting birds.
Single young dropped after about 170 days gestation period. Mating take place during the rains, and births occur between January and May.
21 years in captivity.