Owl – faced Guenon
February 17, 2016
De Brazza’s Monkey
February 17, 2016
Scientific name:
Cercopithecus l'hoesti
A very dark coloured, long tailed monkey with strongly constracting white cheek and throat hair. Much of the coat is very dark brown to black, but the black usually infused with redish - brown in an oval - shaped saddle. Lips and nose black and remainder of face pale grey to pinkish - grey. Tail held strongly hooked over back when on the move.
Montane forest, also lowland rain forest and gallery forest, as well as well - wooded mountain slopes. Sometimes called 'mountain monkey'
Move about and feeds on trees, undergrowth and quite often on the ground. Troop size ranges from 10 - 17 individuals, occasionally more and each with only one adult male. They are common seen mixing with other monkey and guenon species in some locations. They are very alert monkeys and troop members frequently climb to vantage points, making them difficult to approach.
Wide range of plant foods, with fruits being of particular importance. Known to raid croplands, even hundreds of metres from forest.
There is a birth - peak from December to February, but young have been recorded at other times.