Yellow – bellied hinged Terrapin
February 14, 2016
Nile soft – shelled Turtle
February 14, 2016
Scientific name:
Pelomedusa subrufa
Up to 30 cm. A small, flat, smelly terrapin with a broad head. Shell mottled grey or brown, often stained green.
Dry and moist savanna and semi - desert, from sea level to about 1600 metres altitude. Found in water bodies; dams, pools, swamps, streams and small rivers but rarely in large rivers. Probably Occurs throughout lowland East Africa.
Aquatic, may bask in the water or on land. Will walk across country looking for pools. Quite quick moving. Swims quickly; if disturbed in pools it will dive into mud and bury itself. Baries itself in mud at the start of the dry season.
Eats anything living it can catch, including insects, amphibians, fish, even carrion and plant matter.
Mating occurs in water. Usually 10 - 30 eggs laid, roughly 3 cm diameter.