Vulturine Guineafowl
March 26, 2016
Grey – cheeked Mangabey
February 17, 2016
Scientific name:
Numida meleagris
A familiar bird with greysh - black body covered in small white spots. Distinctive bright blue face and neck, horn coloured bony crest and red tipped blue wattles. 58 to 63 cm length.
Savanna, thornbush and cultivated areas, sea level to 2000 metres.
Most Active at dawn and dusk. Highly vocal at time, particularly if a predator is spotted. Spends most of the times on the ground, but roots in trees and flies into trees if threatened.
Feeds Mostly on seeds but also on barries and insects, especially flying termites.
Sexes similar, immature is drabber than adults, usually flocks except when breeding.