Helmeted Guineafowl
March 24, 2016
Patas monkey
February 17, 2016
Scientific name:
Cercocebus albigenia
A slender and somewhat elongated body, with the long tail often held erect, or curved over the back especially when on the move. Snout longer than in the other long tailed monkey. Overall blackish - brown coat colour with a pale grey - brown mantle of long hair on the sholders. Distinctive tuft of stiff hairs above each eye seperates it from any other monkey in region. Longish hair on cheeks is grey. Tail quite long - haired but shorter towards tip.
Will occupy a wide range of forest types, including those of secondary growth and swamp forest up to 1700 metres.
Mainly arboreal and utilise all forest layers but tend to favour the the middle and upper reaches. Although seldom seen on the ground, in Uganda they have been recorded crossing open ground to raid crops. Troops average 15 individuals but sometimes up to 40 and may have one adult male, or several. They will commonly mix with other forest monkeys and guenons.
Feed on a variety of fruits and seeds, especially figs and smaller quantities leaves, flowers and small animal prey.
A single young is dropped after about 180 days gestation period.
Up to 20 years in captivity.