Nile soft – shelled Turtle
February 14, 2016
Hawksbill Turtle
February 13, 2016
Scientific name:
Chelonia mydas
Up to 1.4 metres. A large, hard - shelled, deep - bodied sea turtle with a small blunt head, the carapace olive or brown, the shields streake with tan or yellow.
Tropical and warm temperate seas, found along the length of the East African coast.
May forage in shallow water, often enters the lagoons inside the reef, found on seagrass beds. Quite tolerant of humans if not persecuted. Mates Close to shore, nests at night.
Juveniles eat invertebrates, adults are herbivorous.
Lays usually 100 - 150 eggs, about 4.5 cm diameter. Up to six clutchers per season recorded.