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August 14, 2016
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July 16, 2016
Scientific name: Crematogaster spp
These colourful, shiny black and red ants live exclusively on whistling thorn acacia trees. When alarmed, they will 'cock' the abdomen over the black hence the name 'cocktail' The red headed cocktail ant (Crematogaster mimosae) has red head and black body, the black headed cocktail ant (Crematogaster nigriceps) has a black head and a brick red abdomen.
Habits and Habitat:
Diurnal, these ants inhabit the galls (swollen thorns) of whistling thorn acacias. Entire colonies live on the trees and feed from the extrs floral nectary glands located on leaves, on the honeydew deived from scale insects and on scavenged or captured insect prey. Aggressive When disturbed.